Friday, January 4, 2013

An award

This is a little late, but I have some catching up to do. Last month we had our Salon Foushee Christmas party. Now that we have two locations that are both full service salon and spas, there are a lot of us. We now have 67 employees! With dates we had 92 people in attendance. Holy cow! We are incredibly blessed to have an amazing place to work with amazing support from one another. We are about making people not just look beautiful, but FEEL beautiful,

Next month I will have been at SF for 6 years. That completely blows my mind. The first few years were tough, which is normal in our industry. But honestly, I would say that my career really picked up when I found running. All of a sudden I had a new confidence, drive, and an overall better attitude that I know showed when I was with guests. 2012 had some really rough moments at first, and then I finally got a grip on things and once again, it showed at work. I've come to really find the passion in my career and love making my guests feel their best. I've been working my buns off, my schedule is packed, and I am happy behind the chair.

At our Christmas party, I was extremely honored (and surprised) to be awarded Hairstylist Of The Year. What a perfect way to close 2012. One thing that I thought was neat is that the Facebook photo I uploaded got over 200 likes! When I ran my marathon in 2011 I did not get anywhere near that kind of support. It was a good reminder of what is actually important in this life, and a great reiteration that I am doing what's right for me, where it's right for me.


  1. How exciting! And can I just say I am not surprised to find out you work in a salon (I didn't realize that before) because seriously every time you post a picture I think to myself "Her hair looks FABULOUS!"

  2. That is SO cool Kara! :) Sometimes I wish I stuck with hair!