Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

Where does the time go? I feel like I was just summarizing 2011. This past year has less "mile markers" than the previous, but I feel like the year was productive in most areas of my life. Some highlights were visiting London, my best friend having sweet Nolan, my youngest brother getting married, and being awarded Hairdresser of the Year at Salon Foushee. I didn't run a lot of races, but I did fall in love with running outside. My strength has increased immensely, and so has my flexibility.

I've been thinking of a few things I would like to work onion the upcoming 12 months, although I am pretty good about setting and reaching goals throughout the year. Lately I feel like my life is lacking some direction, so while I would love to just take things as they come, I personally do better when I pave my own path. The common denominator with most of what I thought about is "less."

Swear less- ten years ago I never would have dreamt that this would be something I would feel needed working on. It's not that I swear a lot, but more than I would like. I blame it on road rage mostly, I probably say a majority of these words while behind the wheel. But times are changing and I feel like we're all a lot more accepting of "foul" language which has led to me dropping too many of these words In casual conversation.

Shop less- I like shopping, and I probably like it even more than having what I buy. There's thrill in getting a good deal. Luckily, I don't have many bills, no debt, and make more money than I have to spend every month. But lately I find that I use shopping to remedy loneliness which is obviously not healthy. I don't need "stuff", so I need to quit buying it.

Have less- I have too many clothes. And shoes. And too much shampoo and hair product. Too many cords and boxes full of things I don't know what to do with. I'm not talking hoarder status, just more than I need for myself in my small apartment. I'm going to dedicate some time at least once a week to minimize.

Focus on health and fitness vs. diet and exercise- of course, we all have one of these, right? This year I want to focus on the good instead of the bad. Eating nutrient dense food because it's good for me. Eating when I'm hungry. Establishing a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. Working out with purpose to increase strength and agility, to protect my bones, to build muscle definition instead of just worrying about burning calories. Maybe this is the norm for some people, but it's a whole new approach for me.

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  1. I absolutely love these goals Kara. We are SO much alike. I too shop way to much and have just recently realized that I do it for the thrill and out of lonliness. Recently I went through my closet and gave away about 50% of my clothes and it felt so good. I also completely agree with the last bullet point. Exercising should not be about burning calories but rather feeling healthy & strong. With your attitude and approach 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for you.