Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 years ago...

My head is filled with a steady flow of thoughts and emotions, they've been dancing around waiting for me to eject them onto this blog, yet I still sit here unsure of what to say. Or more importantly, where to start. So I guess I'll start at the beginning, or maybe even a little before.

Fall of 2006, I was only 20. I was living in Provo, Utah which is somewhere I had never expected to live. I had jut graduated from Paul Mitchell The School and was itching to get out and see the world. The question was, "where?" While in school I had tried to work my connections so that I would leave school with a job but ended up working for a salon distributor and my job was a joke. That I don't regret, because that mind numbing job kept me in the industry while easing me into only working 40 hours a week, instead of the 50 I worked before on top of another 20 of school. With time to kill I built what would turn into one of the most important relationships of my life, because that is when Peri and I became best friends. Eventually I took a job at a salon in Colorado and somehow I convinced Peri to come with me. And that's where this journey really began.

February 17th, 2007. Six years ago today. Peri and I pulled into the Mile High to have an adventure, and an adventure it's been. I have never felt so sure about something as I did coming to Denver. The truth is, I left a boy in Utah, and assumed I was coming here to find "the one." When Peri met someone right away, it was hard for me. I was alone in a new city where I hadn't made any friends yet. She was always off doing fun things with her boyfriend, and I was at home. That was one of the loneliest times of my life, but I am grateful for that time now. That's when I joined a gym, got serious about working out, and forced myself to be social. Eventually they got married, and although it was a really hard time for me, it opened room for a new roommate who we all know turned out to be my "soul mate" Victoria.

I came to Denver for a handful of reasons. I wanted to get out of Utah, I wanted an adventure, I wanted to be independent, I wanted to work in a fancy salon, and I wanted to fall in love. And here I am six years later and I can honestly say, that is exactly what happened. After all of this time being away and then spending a week on a cruise where the majority of our group came from Utah, I realize how glad I am I got away. The culture just wasn't for me, and laid back Colorado seems to suit me much better. Exploring this state and traveling all over since I have moved, what an adventure. I have proved that I can do just about anything on my own. I love working for Salon Foushee from my coworkers to my clients. And I am here to tell you that I have fallen head-over-heels, madly, deeply, in love.

Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. I'm just as single, if not more, than the day I moved here. But indeed I am in love with this city. I'm in love with the mountains, even though they are far in the distance and don't actually help me when I'm lost. I'm in love with the trees that are everywhere and change from green, to fiery shades or orange and gold, to branchy silhouettes. I'm in love with the parks in the morning that are still and calm, yet always filled with runners or people walking their dogs. I am in love with the fact that it is socially acceptable to wear my workout clothes almost anywhere. I am in love with sunny Denver skies, even after the greyest winter storm. I am in love with the hippies that make it easy for me to eat clean at local restaurants. I'm in love with roads full of Suburu's and too many bumper stickers. I am in love with Colfax Ave studded with bums, dive bars, and concert venues. I'm in love with Red Rocks Amphitheater, that takes my breath away every time I visit. But most importantly, I'm in love with who I have become a mile high in the sky.

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